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Hello and welcome to my site. Here you can find information about my fantasy, science fiction, erotica, horror, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance novels as well as short stories. I enjoy writing in varying genres so there is a little something for everyone!


As co-owner of Hollow Hills, LLC, I also have more books available through the company. For more information about my upcoming releases, anthologies, or collaborations, visit the Hollow Hills website.


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I'm an opinionated, nerdy mother living in North Carolina. I write adult fiction novels and short story collections. I write mostly erotic romance, paranormal romance, dark fantasy, science fiction, horror, and LBGT romance.


I fell in love with books at an early age and I remember elementary school by what epic book I read each grade. I was always making up stories and hand crafting little books for my family. A part of me has always been a writer.

Books are my escape into magical worlds. Who doesn't need an escape sometimes? I read everything from classics and romance to fantasy and graphic novels. I especially enjoy books written by fellow indie authors. There are so many gems out there! I believe that the more you read, the better your life can be so pick up a book in your spare time and discover one of the real joys in life: the written word.


A bit more about me:
I enjoy taking pictures, painting seashells, gaming, making jewelry, and doodling in my spare time. I'm also a really big movie and TV buff. I love watching anime; any genre. Love it!

Music is food for my soul and my writing.

As far as other activities: I love hiking, swimming, dancing, bowling, skating, sleeping, karaoke, and hanging out with my kids.

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